Dr. Levine’s Power Magnetic corrective posture Support For Men & Women

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  • The posture sport is a corrective posture support for the shoulders, collarbone, and the thoracic area.
  • It helps to fix and correct the shoulders position, in addition to the collarbone.
  • It reduces neck pain and reduces muscle tension.
  • It prevents the rounded shoulder condition and the bending of the shoulders.
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The posture sport is a corrective posture support that helps you become fit in your back posture, like athletes.

It improves the correct articulation of the joints and the bones together for the upper skeletal system (the extremities are indirectly improved if there was a numbness, muscle spasms, or pain due to extra pressure over the cervical nerves).

It stretches the shoulders to the back to prevent their bending. It helps to stabilize the shoulders in the correct position and accordingly the bones and the joints connected to them (the collarbone and the sternum).

It improves the cervical vertebrae and reduces the neck muscles pain and tension. It reduces the pressure placed on them.

It helps to pull in the abdomen due to the compression it applies to the upper part of the body.

It improves the spinal tightness and helps the upper back to become more relaxed.
The magnetic effect helps to stimulate and activate the circulation, as well as, accelerate the healing if injuries.


Sizes of corrective posture sport| Power Magnetic:

  • Default, Adjustable.

Properties of Posture sport| Power Magnetic:

  • The corrective posture sport is anatomically designed to align with the upper part of the vertebral column.
  • The edges of the belt placed on the thoracic area are thickened for an optimal alignment with the spine.
  • It is elastic and provides excellent compression.
  • It is highly breathable and comfortable.
  • It is made of best fabrics that cause no allergies nor irritation.



  • The corrective posture sport is a great support that was designed to provide you maximum comfort and an excellent articulation and positioning of the shoulders, collarbone, thoracic vertebrae, and cervical vertebrae.
  • It will reduce the pain and helps to treat the inflammation.
  • It will help to reduce the muscle tension and the strain placed on the muscles.
  • It will stimulate the circulation and provide an optimal support to the spine, due to the optimal anatomical design.
  • It will reduce the muscle spasms and the joints tightness, resulting in elimination the feeling of pain and numbness gradually.
  • It will reduce the neck pain and alleviate the pressure, eliminating the pain in the arms.
  • It represents an easy solution to a number of problems that affect the neck, the thoracic vertebrae, and the shoulders.
  • Using it will effectively enhance the healing and the pain relief.

Uses of Posture sport| Power Magnetic:

  • Cervical pain and tightness.
  • Neck muscles spasms.
  • Rounded shoulders, shoulders and collarbone dislocation, and bending shoulders.
  • Thoracic joints support, lower back pain relief.
  • To reduce pain and inflammation.
  • To correct the shoulders and upper back posture.
  • Stabilization of the vertebrae and stimulation of the blood circulation.

Benefits of Posture sport| Power Magnetic:

  • The corrective posture sport is a great way to perfect the posture of your shoulders, collarbone, and sternum.
  • It improves the articulation of the upper back vertebrae.
  • It will improve your physical performance, and help you to avoid getting injured or develop a mild injury or pain.


Posture sport| Power Magnetic

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