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Short Cam Walker

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1,400.00 EGP

  • The product is a short walking boot.
  • For ankle sprains.
  • Diabetic foot.
  • Fractures.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Pain relief.
  • Edema and swelling treatment.
  • Maximum ankle fixation.
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The Short Cam Walker is a short walking boots that helps in the condition of sprained ankle, weak bones (Charcot foot), soft tissues injuries, fractures, and edema.

This medical boot is necessary to prevent the ankle movement in order to heal.
The healing process will start and continue optimally when there is no effort done by the ankle nor an applied pressure or load.

It is also a part of the rehabilitation period after surgeries.
It promotes the healing of the fractured toes and foot bones. It also helps the repair and heal of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilages.

It is very important for diabetic foot when there are ulcers or repeated sprains in the ankle.
It will enhance the circulation for a faster recovery, as well as, providing an air pump option to ventilate the foot while applying an excellent compression, all facilitate the healing of the ulcer.

The Charcot foot is a condition occurs due to severe nerve damage, which results in weakening of the bones and finally causing fracture.

It is very important for athletes who face moderate or severe ankle sprain, or are exposed to continuous traumas in the foot,
where the muscles or other soft tissue can be massively injured, in addition to the ankle joint and the bones.

It can be helpful in conditions of Achilles tendonitis.


Sizes of Short Cam Walker walking boots :

  • S, M, L, XL.

Properties of Short Cam Walker walking boots:

  • It is a short walking boots that cover the foot and, Achilles tendon, and the ankle.
  • It is made of hard polymer and supported by to lateral metal pillars.
  • It has ventilation tube that pump the air to promote compression and pain relief.
  • For maximum foot and ankle stabilization.


  • The ankle sprain is when the ligaments that are holding the ankle bones together are twisted due to wrong movement.
  • As follows, edema may occur, severe pain if it was twisted on a big range, and a fixation must be applied directly.
  • Once you have stabilized the movement of the ankle, the healing process starts.
  • The walking boots promotes the process by providing an adequate compression, ventilation, and support.
  • It also helps to control swelling and edema, and it does so amazingly.
  • It promotes pain and inflammation relief.
  • All of these properties are valuable in case of other injuries too such as diabetic foot, where the bones are weak and as so, the soft tissues, due too poor circulation.
  • Repeated ankle sprain occur, causing trouble for even the simple daily motion.
  • The air tubes are important for ventilating the foot, in the case of foot ulcer, whether it was due to diabetes or neuropathic disorder.
  • The charcot foot is a condition occurs as a result of sever nerve damage (neuropathy), which develops into making the bones weaker and more fragile and susceptible to fracture.

Uses of Short Cam Walker walking boots:

  • The walking boots is generally used for ankle and foot injuries, and for postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Diabetic foot.
  • Charcot foot.
  • Fractures and cracks (foot and toes).
  • Soft tissues injuries.
  • Trauma.
  • Edema and swelling.
  • Ankle sprains.
  • Foot ulcer.
  • Pain relief.
  • Inflammation treatment.
  • Foot and ankle maximum stabilization.

Benefits of Short Cam Walker walking boots:

  • It will help to relieve pain.
  • It will apply optimal compression.
  • It will contain the edema.
  • It will prevent re-injuries.
  • It will promote the healing process, as well as the rehabilitation plan.

Short Cam Walker:

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S, M, L, XL


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