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650.00 EGP

  • The air stirrup brace is designed to help treat ankle joint injury symptoms.
  • It can also promote the healing process.
  • It is used to prevent articular effusion and swelling.
  • It is used to help treat ankle moderate instability and sprain.
  • It is also very helpful for severe ankle instability.


Stirrup Ankle Brace Air/Gel is a great Splint for the treatment of ankle instability, effusion, and swelling.

Ankle instability is mainly caused by weak soft tissues (ligaments), when the ankle is sprained, it must go through the process of rehabilitation for healing. When the healing process is not fully completed, the cartilages and ligaments that are between and surrounding the bones will remain weak or maybe torn, this is what causes ankle instability, and depending on the degree of soft tissue weakness, or if they are damaged, that is reflected on the degree of ankle joint instability.

The swelling of the ankle is caused by the accumulation of fluids due to extra body weight alongside poor muscle activity, weak muscles can’t pump the blood back to the heart the normal rate, this causes blood and water retention (The accumulation of fluids) and this causes swelling of the feet.

A case called articulating effusion can occur to the ankle, which causes swelling, only of a different kind. The effusion can happen due to various reasons such as: 1. A trauma that is associated with hemorrhage. 2. Gout. 3. Arthritis (Rheumatoid and infectious). 4. Inflammation of the Synovial membrane.

The ankle instability can also generate from the subtalar joint instability (Talocalcaneal joint AKA, Subtalar joint= heel bone ‘calcaneus’+column shaped bone ‘talus’). The Stirrup Ankle Brace Air/Gel air functions to stabilize the ankle and the subtalar joints. It supports the de-retention of fluids, as well as, reducing the swelling and easing the pain.

Sizes of Stirrup Brace Air:

  • Universal (Adjustable).

Properties of Stirrup Ankle Brace Air/Gel :

  • The air stirrup brace surrounds the ankle and heel to support both joints (ankle and subtalar joint).
  • It has air support, as well as gel support. The Gel pads can be frozen in order to control, reduce, and prevent swelling.
  • It is provided with laces to control the comprresion rate.


  • The air stirrup brace is a great medical device that helps to stabilize the ankle joint.
  • It helps to control the swelling and the effusion of the fluids.
  • It reduces pain.
  • It supports the subtalar joint to increase ankle stability.
  • It is provided with gel pads, and you can freeze the gel pads and apply the swelling.
  • It supports ankle sprain healing in order not to worsen and cause ankle instability.

Uses of Stirrup Brace Air:

  • You can use the Stirrup Ankle Brace Air/Gel in the following conditions:
  1. Mild and moderate ankle sprains.
  2. Moderate and ankle instability
  3. Articulating effusion.
  4. Swelling.
  5. Inflammation and injuries of the soft tissues.
  6. Stabilization of the ankle ad the subtalar joint.

Benefits of Stirrup Ankle Brace Air/Gel :

  • Prevents ankle twist.
  • Complete the rehabilitation process of an ankle sprain.
  • It will promote healing by decreasing the weight placed on the joints.
  • It will help to treat the retention of fluids and the effusion and will control the swelling.
  • Using the air stirrup brace is very important if you face any on those symptoms.

Stirrup Ankle Brace Air/Gel Wellcare

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