Tynor ankle splint

Tynor ankle splint

Tynor ankle splint

550.00 EGP

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550.00 EGP

  • Rigid immobilization
  • One size, that fits all
  • Foam cushioning
  • Anatomical
  • Easy to clean
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The purpose of an ankle splint is to immobilize, support, and stabilize the ankle joint in case of an accident, or to provide protection to people who are prone to ankle injuries.

The inversion or aversion of the ankle is better protected and controlled with a rigid exoskeleton shell construction.

Tynor ankle splint features

  • A molded splint with precise anatomy provides excellent immobilization while also looking good. It can be worn within the shoe because to its sleek shape.
  • Unusual, swollen, or distorted ankles can be accommodated in the large enough room for the ankle so that compression hot spots on the ankle are avoided.
  • It improves the comfort of an injured ankle, lowers the risk of sports-related injuries in recurrent ankle disorders, and speeds up the healing process following an injury.
  • The unique figure of eight strapping has a good grip on the ankle and can effectively limit inversion and eversion movement.
  • The Ethafoam Foam Pad is molded to provide the best compression and pressure. Patient comfort is improved by good cushioning.
  • Compliance is aided by lightweight. Its symmetrical design allows it to be worn on either ankle. Sleeves made of neoprene provide good cushioning and prevent friction.


Tynor Ankle Splint 4

Tynor ankle splint price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 550 جنيه مصري per piece. 

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How to put on the Tynor ankle splint

  • Remove the cast and place the heel of your foot in the heel area of the cast.
  • Raise the two sides of the cast so that they are on either side of your foot.
  • Make sure the ankle spurs align with the depressions in the cast.
  • Attach the straps of the orthosis so that they put pressure on your foot and ankle joint but are comfortable.

To get the best treatment for ankle joint pain and the best support and stabilization for the ankle, you can get the Tynor ankle joint splint from our website directly or by contacting us by phone or WhatsApp through the following number 01017111220


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