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  • Hyperextension brace reduces pain associated with spinal injuries and conditions.
  • Provide additional support and reduce the risk of hyperextension.
  • Contribute to a better quality of life during recovery.
  • Maintain proper posture and prevent fractures.
  • Produced by: Dr. Med.
  • Made in Korea.
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Hyperextension brace , also known as a hyper extension orthosis or hyper extension back brace, is a specialized device designed to prevent excessive extension of the spine, commonly used for conditions like spinal fractures or post-surgical recovery. Wearing this brace correctly is crucial for effective support and optimal healing. It is typically used to provide stability, immobilization, and protection to the spine in cases of hyperextension-related injuries or conditions.

Hyperextension brace price in Egypt 2024

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Hyper extension brace uses

  • Hyperextension brace reduces pain and facilitates the healing process.
  • Treat spinal fractures, immobilize the spine to allow for proper healing and prevent further injury.
  • Provides the necessary stability to prevent unwanted movements that could disrupt the surgical site.
  • Hyperextension brace spine helps maintain the spine’s alignment and aids in the fusion process.
  • Prevent fractures in osteoporotic patients by maintaining proper spinal alignment and reducing stress on the vertebrae.
  • Provide relief and support by stabilizing the spine and reducing the load on the affected discs.
  • Offers necessary support to the spine, allowing for improved mobility and quality of life.
  • In cases where there is spinal instability due to ligamentous laxity or weakness.
  • Immobilize the spine and protect the surgical site during the initial stages of healing.
  • Use hyperextension brace for post-operative treatment and Vertebral Fractures.
  • Treat damaged and lax ligaments, spondyloysis, and spondylitis.

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Hyperextension brace For Back and Spine Treatment
Hyperextension brace For Back and Spine Treatment

Spinal hyperextension back brace features

  • Spinal hyperextension brace back has 3 pressure and stabilization points (pectoral, abdominal and dorso-lumbar).
  • Anterior cross aluminium plate (adjustable length and width) for firm stabilization and immobilization.
  • Light skin friendly sponge cushion for a long-time use.
  • Provide stabilization and immobilization by hyper extension support.

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How to wear hyperextension spinal brace

  • Loosen all straps and buckles so that you can easily place the brace on your body.
  • Position the back pad of the brace against the middle of your back, ensuring it is centered and covers the area requiring support.
  • Bring the front panel around to the front of your torso, aligning it just below the sternum.
  • Start with the bottom straps, fasten them snugly but comfortably around your torso.
  • Ensure they are not too tight to avoid restricting breathing or causing discomfort.
  • Pull the shoulder straps over your shoulders and fasten them to the front panel.
  • Adjust the length so they provide firm support without digging into your shoulders.

طريقه لبس حزام علاج تقوس الظهر

Hyperextension back brace sizes

Hyper extension brace is available in one size for all.

مقاسات حزام علاج تقوس الظهر

Hyperextension brace side effects

While hyper extension brace is generally safe, some people may experience side effects. These can include:

  • Redness and rash.
  • Itching or burning sensation.
  • Development of pressure sores or blisters.
  • Anxiety or depression.

Hyperextension brace usage instructions

  • Wear Dr med hyperextension orthosis according to your doctor’s instructions regarding the duration and frequency of use.
  • Clean regularly ash orthosis according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent skin irritation and infections.
  • Avoid strenuous activities that could compromise the stability of anterior hyperextension brace.
  • Do not drive while wearing it for posture unless cleared by your doctor, as it can limit your range of motion.
  • Exercises help strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, which helps improve posture.
  • Make sure you sit up straight with your lower back supported.
  • If you sit for a long period of time, make frequent breaks to stand and move around.
  • Sleep helps relax your muscles and improve your posture.

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