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  • The Lumbostad Arched Corset is a back bracing.
  • It covers the lumbar area of the back.
  • It provides support to the lower part of the thoracic area.
  • It provides support for the upper part of the sacral area.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • It promotes correct posture and enhances balance.
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The Lumbostad Arched Corset it a back bracing to support the lumbar area. It enhances (lumbago) lower back pain syndrome.

It provides compression that stimulates circulation to enhance recovery rate. When used correctly, the corset will help fix and balance the alignment of the ear, shoulders, and pelvis.

It will also maintain a correct posture, especially for the inward direction of the back.

It helps you move in a better manner and with less pain.

There are 5 lumbar vertebrae, they carry the weight load of the body, and they are the most vertebrae that are in constant risk of injuries.
It is best to use lumbar support in cases of obesity, carrying heavy stuff,
If you’re already suffering from low back pain, inflammation, disc bulges, or if you suffered an incident like a fall or so.

It provides compression and stability to the vertebrae so that it heals faster, and can be used for rehabilitation after surgeries.


Sizes of back bracing:

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Properties of Lumbostad Arched Corset:

  • The back bracing is 26cm in height.
  • It covers the lumbar area and the upper part of the sacral area, as well as, the lower thoracic area.
  • It is highly breathable and elastic to provide comfort.
  • It warms the injured area, but doesn’t cause over-heating.
  • It includes a metal belt provides compression and corrects the posture.


  • The back bracing is very important if you are suffering from lumbago or disc bulges.
  • It is also important of you are suffering from obesity, or playing exaggerated sports.
  • When you start feeling fatigue, extra pressure, or pain in your lumbar area, you can use the brace as a precaution to avoid injuries, especially if you plan to make a huge effort when you are tired.
  • As mentioned, the lumbar vertebrae carry your body weight, and it carries the additional weights of the stuff you carry. It is important to move correctly in order to avoid disc bulges occurrence.
  • The brace will support your back muscles to reduce the stress placed over the joints and the bones to avoid soft tissues injuries, which cause great pain.
  • It will activate the circulation to enhances the healing process, it will also help in avoid injuries and prevent re-injuries.

Uses of Lumbostad Arched Corset:

  • The back bracing is used for lumbago, lumbar area pain, inflammation, and incidents (like a fall, trauma, bruising…etc.).
  • Herniated disc, disc bulges, soft tissues injuries and degeneration.
  • Incorrect back posture.
  • Abdomen and back muscles support.
  • Avoid injuries.
  • Prevention of re-injuries.
  • Avoid wrong movement.
  • Enhances balance.
  • For stabilization of the joints rehabilitation after medical operations.
  • Accelerates healing rate.

Benefits of Lumbostad Arched Corset:

  • The back bracing is important to balance the movement.
  • It helps maintain a better health for your back.
  • It promotes healing and reduces pain.

Lumbostad Arched Corset Bluewell

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S, M, L, XL, XXL

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