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  • Upper back support brace relieves chronic back pain.
  • Speed up healing and avoid further injuries.
  • Immobilize the back to heal properly after surgery or injury.
  • Relieves strain on the spine, resulting in pain reduction.
  • Produced by: Dr. Med.
  • Made in Korea.
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Upper back support brace helps you improve your posture, prevent stooped shoulders, alleviate back pain, and strain caused by poor posture. Over time, wearing an upper back brace posture corrector will help realign your back and train your shoulders to assist in maintaining proper alignment of the spine and promoting better posture habits. Our posture back supports can be worn over clothing or under to stay discreet. Lightweight and ideal for men and women.

Upper back support brace price in Egypt 2024

At eldoctorz, Dr. med Posture corrective control support belt for back pain price is available now at 630EGP per package.

Dr. Med back pain belt benefits

  • Upper back support brace relieves strain on the muscles and ligaments.
  • Used in the postoperative treatment phase to treat the curvature of the back.
  • Helps to limit excessive movement and provide support during the healing process.
  • Upper back support belt treats compression fractures, facet joint injuries, or sprains.
  • Immobilize the spine and protect the surgical site during the initial stages of healing.
  • Posture support brace treats the curvature of the back and the spine.
  • Best back brace for back pain and post-operative treatment.
  • Thoracolumbar compression fractures (Vertebral Fractures).
  • Treat damaged and lax ligaments, spondyloysis, and spondylitis.
  • Back pain relief belt helps treat spinal infections and treat herniated disc.
  • Straightens spine, treats curvature, and maintains straightness.
Upper back support brace for back pain
Upper back support brace for back pain

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Best back support belt features

  • Upper back support brace adds pressure on this area so as not to load the back.
  • Relieves back pain can be worn at any time and cannot be seen under clothes.
  • Best back brace for posture mades of good materials that do not cause any allergies.
  • Support belt for back curvature treatment and spinal stabilization to ensure stability for the belt.
  • Back brace belt is fixed from the front and the back to ensure treatment as quickly as possible.
  • Clean upper back brace for posture with soap and water by hand to ensure its cleanliness.
  • Back posture belt for back pain is worn for long periods.

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How to wear upper back support brace

  • Loosen all the straps on the posture corrector before putting it on.
  • Stand tall with your shoulders back and down. This is the posture you want the corrector to help you maintain.
  • Slide your arms through the shoulder straps of the corrector.
  • Pull the straps to snugly fit around your torso.
  • Be velcro straps or buckles to secure the fit around your torso and shoulders.
  • Tighten them evenly for balanced support.

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Upper back support brace sizes

Back support brace is available in 5 sizes S – M – L – XL – 2XL.

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Back and shoulder brace side effects

While Upper back support brace is generally safe, some women may experience side effects. These can include:

  • Redness and rash.
  • Itching or burning sensation.
  • Development of pressure sores or blisters.
  • Anxiety or depression.

Upper back support brace usage instructions

  • Wear back posture corrector belt according to your doctor’s instructions regarding the duration and frequency of use.
  • Clean regularly shoulder back brace posture according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent skin irritation and infections.
  • Avoid strenuous activities that could compromise the stability of best back brace for posture.
  • Do not drive while wearing a medical back brace for posture unless cleared by your doctor, as it can limit your range of motion.
  • Exercises help strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, which helps improve posture.
  • Make sure you sit up straight with your lower back supported.
  • If you sit for a long period of time, make frequent breaks to stand and move around.
  • Sleep helps relax your muscles and improve your posture.

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