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  • The tracheostomy tube collar is for conditions of tracheostomy.
  • Whether the condition is temporary or permanent, the collar will help you be as comfortable as possible.
  • It has a huge central hole enough for monitoring the carotid pulse, as well as, the emergency tracheotomies.
  • Post-neck operations.
  • Stabilization of the neck.
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The Tracheostomy Tube collar is a great tool for the conditions of tracheostomy, neck operations, and stabilization of the cervical vertebrae.

It has a central hole, allows you to maintain the tube incision, monitor the carotid pulse, and it stabilizes the neck.

There are too many reasons that lead to having a neck incision, it can be temporary or permanent.

The collar is very useful directly after surgeries, it helps to maintain the operational area intact,
It helps to relief pain and muscle strain from the neck muscles that happen due to the fixed position of the neck.

It helps to avoid hurting the cervical vertebrae, and it keeps the correct alignment and posture of the neck as it supposed to be.

This way, the collar will ensure the proper healing of the wound and stabilization of the incision without causing further harm to the vertebrae or the neck muscles.


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  • The tracheostomy tube collar is hard to maintain a complete stabilization of the neck.
  • It’s lined with best fabrics that causes no allergies, but induce comfort.
  • It has a central hole, allows incisions, Carotid pulse monitoring, and emergency intervention.
  • It stabilizes the neck movement completely.
  • It reduces the stress and the weight for the cervical vertebrae.


  • A tracheostomy tube can be a limiting operation.
  • In nature, tracheotomy is an opening in the neck, cut medically to allow the person to breathe.
  • Mostly, an obstacle causes the person the inability to breath.
  • After the cut, a tube incision into the trachea is performed.
  • This tube has two sides one inside the neck and the other is outside, at the edge of the incision.
  • After the surgery, wearing the collar is unavoidable.
  • The following conditions may result in having a tracheotomy.
  1. Anaphylaxis.
  2. birth defects of the airway.
  3. burns of the airway from inhalation of corrosive material.
  4. cancer in the neck.
  5. chronic lung disease.
  6. Coma.
  7. diaphragm dysfunction.
  8. facial burns or surgery.
  9. infection
  10. injury to the larynx or laryngectomy.
  11. injury to the chest wall.
  12. need for prolonged respiratory or ventilator support.
  13. obstruction of the airway by a foreign body.
  14. obstructive sleep apnea.
  15. paralysis of the muscles used in swallowing.
  16. severe neck or mouth injuries.
  17. Tumors.
  18. vocal cord paralysis. (Reference:


  • it is used for tracheostomy tube .
  • Post-surgical operations in the neck or the face.
  • Operations to the larynx.
  • After surgeries related to blockage of airways leading to disability of breathing.


  • The tracheostomy tube collar will allow the emergency interventions and the medical monitoring.
  • It will relief the pain of the neck, the muscle strain, and stabilize the neck during the healing time.


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