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Tynor Children's Medical Arm Stand and Shoulder Stabilizer

360,00 EGP

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Product Description

Tenor Children’s Medical Shoulder Arm Stand and Shoulder Stabilizer is designed with a system and design that is one of the most effective in immobilizing and immobilizing the shoulder, providing support in the event of a dislocated shoulder, and treating fractures of the collarbone and shoulder joint.

Medical shoulder stabilizer for children from Tynor features

  • Provide support and immobilization for the child’s shoulder.
  • Shoulder dislocation treatment.
  • The Tenor Pediatric Medical Shoulder Support and Arm Stand helps with fractures of the shoulder joint and collar bone.
  • Enhanced stability and cohesion for the shoulder and arm.
  • It is easy to use and remove.
  • One size fits all children.
  • The Tenor Pediatric Orthopedic Arm Carrier and Shoulder Stabilizer are designed in two parts to provide more support and comfort for children.
  • Made of three layers.
  • The Tynor Children’s Orthopedic Arm Belt and Shoulder Support are made of durable, non-ripstop fabric.
  • Appropriate and attractive appearance for children.

How to wear

  • Wrap the belt around the chest in the diaphragm area.
  • Attach the children’s shoulder support belts on the shoulders and at the diaphragm.
  • Put the child’s arm in the brace and stick the brace to hold the arm.
  • Attach the other belt over the affected shoulder and secure it to the body with an appropriate, comfortable, and fixed pressure for the arm and shoulder.

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Tynor Children’s Medical Arm Stand and Shoulder Stabilizer Price

Available at El doctorz at a discounted price, 360EGP per piece. 

To get the best support, fixation, and treatment for the shoulder, dislocations, shoulder fractures, and clavicle fractures for children, you can get the Tynor children’s medical arm holder and shoulder stabilizer by purchasing it directly from the site, or by contacting us by phone or WhatsApp through the following number:



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